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The Nationwide Caterers Association was created by and for mobile caterers, which means that wherever you are in your mobile catering journey, we've stood where you stand today. With over 30 years' experience in the industry, we possess the knowledge, systems and expertise required to facilitate the success of our 6,000 members' businesses and we are relentless in our endeavour. 

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Membership Benefits for Mobile Caterers

Whether you're contemplating joining the industry, or you're an established mobile caterer, NCASS membership can benefit your business. All of our membership packages are built around our mission to ensure the profitability, safety and legality of our member's businesses, which we 

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    Save and make money: 

    A summary of how we save money, maybe not too much detail but the ways in which we do it? We have over 6,000 members / power in numbers to get cashback deals, discounts and special offers / Big savings on the things you need like training / Work Opportunities

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    Legal stuff, simplified

    Ensuring your business is running legally can be a daunting task. Without the right advice and tools, traders can spend hours of trawling through paperwork just to be certain they are compliant with regulations, only for an EHO to advise them differently during an inspection. With an NCASS membership, you can be sure that you have the tools, systems and support needed to be compliant, giving you more time to run your business..

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    Advice, support and guidance

    You’ll never be alone if you find yourself in a sticky situation or just need a friendly voice at the end of the line. We provide expert advice and long-term support to our members to ensure they can find the answers they need to their questions, and the solutions they need to their problems. Each member has a dedicated Account Manager to catch up with whenever they need some guidance, support or expert advice.

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    Together we are stronger

    This is the weakest one currently and potentially the hardest. This needs to get the point across that they will be part of something, the number of members we have, and the number of units. How we can make positive changes to the industry and keep the best interests of our members etc. Would be great to get in that our members display membership as a badge of honor, an emblem that they are professional, and they do things right - and that makes us proud etc. Maybe talk about how the industry is a sociable place, going at it on your own brings a risk you don't need and how we also facilitate members passing tips, stories, lessons learnt etc


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Membership starts at just £5 a month* and you can be signed up in minutes etc etc. Add another button in for request a callback and then below that add a CTA to join over the phone / call us

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