How membership will

Save and make you money

This intro should point out that we can get great exclusive deals, offers and savings for members because our our membership base and because companies want to work with NCASS members. It should briefly mention cashback deals, discounts, insurance discounts etc and even talk about membership helping them find and secure work. We should probably hint towards the fact we're continually looking to add new things to this portfolio of saving benefits

Cashback Deal

We've only got one cash back deal at the moment but ideally we'll have more in the future. For now we can talk about just our exclusive deal with Booker and how members on average save £xxx a year - point out this one deal can cover membership cost alone.
Then point out that if you show at Booker, membership is a no-brainer. Also mention the £50 voucher for joining the ncass scheme for new and existing Booker / Makro customers.

Supplier discounts

List some suppliers, pick out the big ones 
The images on the right should either be recognisable suppliers and offers. If we have quite a few we could add a second gallery of smaller supplier logos below this strip. Maybe we should have a supplier promise "we only work with businesses that can help our members..."

Training, without the cost

Training is crucial for your business growth and a legal requirement for you and your staff, that's why we provide you with the best online training available for catering businesses. We design and publish our courses in-house working alongside the worlds best environmental health officers and safety experts - we then go a step further and have them accredited by City and Guilds and approved by a government department.
Best of all, we add them all to you membership package and only charge you for the certificate itself. We want our members and their staff to be fully trained, without the worry of cost.

  • Hygiene Courses

    Level 1, 2 and 3 Food Hygiene training. You'll get the Level 3 certificate for just £15 (saving xxx)

  • Health and Safety

    H&S, First aid, HACCP, Fire extinguisher, gas safety - all part of the discount package

  • Business Courses

    A start up course to help you get going and a sustainability course to reduce your carbon footprint

  • Written by us

    We write, design and publish our own courses. We know what you need to know

  • Assured Advice

    We're partnered with various government departments to ensure our courses are accepted and respected everywhere

  • City and Guilds

    something about city and guilds, although we might drop this in the future

  • Train anywhere

    Take courses and tests in your own phone, on any device. Do it in one go or in small chunks, it's up to you

Insurance Savings

Prob worth a whole section on insurance discounts and how we work with Giles insurance as our dedicated broker - focus on service and specialism in the industry and how in our experience it can be difficult to ensure you have the right insurance for your business.
Maybe a 'Did you know' about how not having the right insurance in place is a huge problem across the catering industry.
Insurance reviews could sit below this

Insurance Reviews

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  • R1

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  • R3

Finding and securing work

How we send over xx work opportunities out each year. We'll also help you out with your marketing and applications. And talk about how you can apply for work directly from your membership area and send your business details to anyone at the click of a button.
Let's try not to raise expectations too much with it though. We could have images of some well-known events and also a mockup of a phone and a work opp, and a screenshot of the 'send company documents' thing.

Costly mistakes, avoided

When in doubt, call us - that's what we're here for

There's always something to learn and mistakes to be made, but we can help you circumnavigate them no-matter your experience in the industry. We have a whole section on the advice, guidance and support we offer to members (you can find it here )and it boils down to experience and lessons learned from 25 years in the industry. If you're unsure about something, give us a call and see what advice we can offer, it just may save you a fortune.
Maybe you're unsure if an event is right for you, is the pitch fee fair? Have we got any other members who have worked it? What's the best piece of equipment for a particular job? Should you buy second hand? Is your setup legal? What will your hygiene inspection play out like? What insurance do you need? Do you have to offer your staff a pension? How much should you charge? ... it really is an endless list. 
We encourage our members to run things by us if they think there's the slightest bit of doubt in their mind about anything that will impact their business. 

Become a member

Membership starts at just £5 a month* and you can be signed up in minutes etc etc. Add another button in for request a callback and then below that add a CTA to join over the phone / call us

Member Reviews

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