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NCASS is run for caterers by those who know about catering. We work to provide expert advice and long-term support to our members to ensure they can find the answers they need to their questions, and the solutions they need to their problems. 

Your Account Manager

Imagine having a friend who you can call with any issue you're having with your business. They've got unparalleled experience in the industry, covering every type of catering business out there. They know about law, current and upcoming legislation, staffing, equipment and best practice. On top of that they know about your business, they know exactly what you do, and they really want to be part of your success. They can take a look at what you're doing in every aspect of your business and help you squeeze a little, or a lot more out of it. And you can pick their brains whenever you want. Well that's your Account Manager.

We've been helping independent catering businesses start, run and grow since 1997. We listen and we learn, and then we make sure the right advice, support and guidance is passed on exactly when you need it. And if you have a problem we've not dealt with before? Great! We'll help you with the solution, learn from it and help the next person who hits that hurdle in the same way.
You'll have an untapped resource of knowledge, guidance and support and it's just a phone call away. Whether you're in the planning stages, just starting up or you've be on the scene for years, we've got your back.

Unsure on title - basically what do they do... some of...

Your Account Manager is there to help you get the most out of your membership benefits, but the role is much more than that. Here's a few common things they chat about with their members on a daily basis...

How do I get a license?
How much does it cost?
What do I need to trade?
Where can I trade?
Do I need to register in every borough?
What insurance do I need?

What training should I have?
How do I cost my menu?
How do I get I get into events?
When will I be inspected?
What should I expect from an inspection?
How do I arrange testing?

How much stock should I take?
What's a sensible tender?
Do I need to provide toilets?
How many amps do I need?
What are the allergen requirements?
What certificates do I need?

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Legal and Financial Helpline

If things take a nasty turn for your business this is exactly what you need. We partner with a dedicated legal team who know the industry inside out. All you need to do is call your Account Manager to get the ball rolling and you'll have the peace of mind about your legal standings, without the hefty costs of sourcing your own professional advice.

  • Commercial Legal Support

    We need to explain what this is, in simple terms

  • Employment and HR Support

    We need to paint the picture that HR can be a pain in the ass, and time consuming

  • Financial Support

    Stress, stress and stress. Explain what this is


Membership starts at just £5 a week* and you can be signed up in minutes etc etc. Add another button in for request a callback and then below that add a CTA to join over the phone / call us

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